Monday, 4 June 2012

Rwanda | Kayonza: Population density to pilot job creation

Kayonza Population 300x181 Rwanda | Kayonza: Population density to pilot job creation
John Mugabo, Mayor of Kayonza district
Kayonza district mayor, John Mugabo has revealed that population density can lead to job creation to those without land for agriculture activities.  
John Mugabo said this while talking to journalists afterEastern province parliament meeting recently, where all local authorities displayed what they do.
Some of Kayonza district authorities made a study trip to Burera district in order to learn from the district that used to be last but now has a place among the districts that execute well performance contracts.
Mugabo explains that what inspired Burera residents to become job creators is land scarcity. Because they are a dense population, residents without land for cultivation thought of another way to achieve development.
Although there is no population density in Kayonza district unlike Burera, Mayor Mugabo asserts that residents especially youth will be sensitized to learn the good culture of job creation from Burera residents.
While there are lands lying idle in Kayonza, some youth say they are jobless and cannot develop. Mugabo highlights that youth and residents will have to change their mind set first.


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