Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: vaccination against cervical cancer should be emphasized

Dr. William Namanya the director of Kibungo Hospital is calling upon all people who are supposed to be vaccinating against the cervical cancer to follow the given guidelines and to fully participate in it because it is very much in existence in Rwanda.

Dr. William Namanya said this during the function to announce the program for vaccinating young girls on the 24th.May.2012 at Irondere School in Kibungo. He explained that this vaccination does not have side effects as some people say.

He asked young girls who are meant to be vaccinated to embrace their luck and to have all 3 vaccinations because missing even one is the same as never being vaccinated at all.

Dr. William Namanya said that though some people still think that cervical cancer affects some people and not others and that it hasn’t affected Rwandans, this disease is very much available in Rwanda and that it has already affected many in Kibungo hospital.

“This is a great chance that you should never take for granted because cervical cancer affects all people and it is fatal.” He warned.

Some of the girls to be vaccinated said that they were told that this vaccination is ve3ry dangerous and that it can even cause barrenness but they were no longer worried Dr. William Namanya assured them and they know that it was a hopeless rumour and they will get vaccinated without worry and to call upon their fellows to participate in it as Mbabazi one of these girls elaborated.
Vaccination against cervical cancer will be given for the 2nd time on the three times it is supposed to be given


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