Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda : Charity organization supports vulnerable families

Charity organization supports vulnerable families Rwanda : Charity organization supports vulnerable families
Vulnerable families in the three districts of Kayonza, Rulindo and Rwamagana, are now proud of having received cows from a UK based charity organization, Send-a-Cow; and have showed that gratitude by sharing the off springs with others.
This gesture comes a few years after the beneficiaries managed to raise some cows which were shared among other 80 families on May 1, 2012 in the western and Northern Provinces of Rwanda.
The organization donated cows to the families as a way of improving their social welfare. One of the original beneficiaries, Mary Mugire says that she is now selling cow products to educate her three children, which has reassured her of a bright future and investment for her family.
Among the donated cows, were also some of the new cows from the organization- which also saw another new group of first time beneficiaries walking away with smiles on their faces after getting the heifers.
One of the new beneficiaries, Sarah Uwera said the she expects to get milk which will improve the family feeding habits and also use the animal residues for fertilizers to use in my garden just like other farmers and this will increase my harvest.
Send-a-Cow Country Director, James Pimundu said that among others, more efforts will be put in training the population to build their capacity in animal husbandry.
Pimundu said that the organization is planning to extend its services beyond the seven districts where it currently operates in Rwanda, as a move towards benefiting more people.
District officials hailed the organization for its contribution to the vision of giving cows to every family in the countryside. The Mayor of Kayonza district, John Mugabo said that the donation has enabled the district to hit above the set target of 1000 cows this year.


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