Friday, 1 June 2012

Rwanda | Jallow lobbies for transfer of Munyarugarama case-file

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), Hassan Bubacar Jallow has requested the tribunal to establish a panel of judges to examine and approve the transfer of the genocide case involving Munyarugarama Pheneas to Rwandan court’s jurisdiction.
He is accused of involvement in the 1994 genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda.
Munyarugarama Pheneas was a lieutenant colonel in the former regime’s military.  He headed Gako Military barracks from 1993 to May 14 in 1994, when then RPF Inkotanyi forces seized control of the barracks.
The ICTR arrest warrant states that in his capacity as a lieutenant colonel in the then-Rwandan Army, he helped direct, and took part in, a systematic ethnic-cleansing campaign aimed at committing genocide against Tutsis. During 100 days of violence and anarchy, more than a million men, women and children were killed.
Munyarugarama faces a lengthy charge sheet according to ICTR prosecutors, who state that owing to his position of leader of the military division in Bugesera, he should be held accountable for the killings that took place in Kanzenze area and well beyond into Gashora, Ngenda and Kanzenze sectors of Bugesera district. He is also accused of supplying guns and other munitions to police, military and marauding Interahamwe gangs.
The application to refer Munyarugarama’s case to Rwanda’s National Justice System as well as approval of a revised charge sheet indicting Munyarugarama will be decide upon by the ICTR in a matter of days.
Munyarugarama however remains at large according to the ‘Rewards for Justice’ website.
This latest case comes after the case files of Fulgence Kayishema and Charles Sikubwabo, who also remain at large, were also authorized to be transfered to Rwandan Jurisdiction. One Pastor Uwinkindi Jean, whose case file was transferred in a similar manner, was later apprehended and in now being tried here in the country.


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