Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda :Gakenke in search for missing 9-YBE students

The Northern district of Gakenke has embarked on the search to establish the whereabouts of about 280 graduates of the Nine-Year basic Education 9-YBE graduates.
The students are said to be missing from the statistics books of the district education system, with a possibility of dropping out of school.
The 9-YBE free education programme began in 2009 and the pioneers were expected to graduate last year. Ever since, the programme has been extended to twelve years and all the students were expected to be in school without fail.
According to Jean Bosco Hakizimana the district’s education official, the district had a total of 3,220 in the year 2011 in the 9-YBE programme some of whom joined the 12-YBE while others joined boarding schools. He however, said that they don’t know the whereabouts of the mentioned number.
“We don’t know if they joined private schools or if they went to vocational institutions. We want to establish whether they are in school because it is their right to be studying,” said Hakizimana
He added that they are going to use all the possible ways and means available through parents, teachers and the whole district population to come up with the facts.
Gakenke, in 2010 had a dropout rate of 15 percent. Thais was mainly caused by parents getting their children out school so that they can work at home and by students themselves dropping out to look for casual jobs.
Hakizimana says that the dropout rate has currently reduced to 3 percent in the district and urged parents to always encourage their children to go to school.


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