Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Rotavirus vaccination to save lives of many children in Rwanda

Rotavirus vaccination is a vaccination for the virus that causes dysentery that is vaccinated to children under the age of 5 years and this has come to save the lives of children as more than 3000 children die of dysentery every year.
Rwanda | Rotavirus vaccination toDysentery which is on the 3rd position in killing children below 5 years in the world as at least 1200 children die of dysentery every day.
Dr. Seth Berkley a partner in supplying these vaccinations said that Rotavirus is one of the major causes of dysentery where 40percent of children who are taken to the hospitals with dysentery are affected by this virus.
“As you all know Rwanda is a country that puts much emphasis and cares about the health of its citizens and 95percent of people get vaccinated but some children still die of dysentery especially rotavirus as at least 10percent of children under 5 years die of dysentery.” Dr. Seth Berkley said.
He also said that it is possible that these deaths can all be stopped, “since 2006, we have been distributing these vaccinations in the 26 selected countries though some countries are more prepared than others”
People in developed countries don’t show much interest in these vaccinations unlike those in developing countries.


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