Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Child death during birth blamed on carelessness

Infants who die shortly after and during birth are blamed on the carelessness of nurses and health workers, Ildephonse Rutaganira; in charge of training nurses and workers in charge of community health workers in health centers, reveals.
Ildephonse Rutaganira in charge of training health centers workers asserts: “After birth, a doctor must ensure that the baby has no infection, which is caused by mother’s long labour and might claim the child’s life.”
Also other born with diseases includes physical disability or very few kilograms, Rutaganira adds.
According to the recent study, 50 percent of babies die within 24 hours after birth and percent of babies die after one week out of the hospital. This comes as a result of lack of necessary attention by the doctors and health workers, notes Rutaganira.
“Most nurses leave the mother after seeing the baby without remembering to administer the antibiotics. However, most nurses that make this mistake lack enough experience,” Rutaganira narrates.
He advises doctors and all health workers to follow up on the health of a child and mother after giving birth. Normally, health workers have a duty to care for the mothers and their newborns 28 days after discharged from the hospital.


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