Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda : Ngororero: VSO training educator to teach disabled students

Teaching students with disabilities needs special skills (special methodologies) depending on the kind of disability a certain student has which is a limitation to teachers who use the ordinary methodology  to develop children with disabilities.
 Ngororero VSO training educator to teach disabled students1 300x168 Rwanda : Ngororero: VSO training educator to teach disabled students

This is the reason to why VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) has a program to train teachers to teach children with disabilities through pictures and gestures. From the 30th.May.2012, 3 workers of VSO gave a 2 days training to such leaders.
As Amber Rosier a worker in VSO in Ngororero district said, this methodology helps impaired students to understand easily using pictures more than talking to them where they are supposed to use much energy of the brains when sometimes their impairment does not support it.
Apart from making it easy for teachers to teach well and students to understand well, this helps students to use other parts of their bodies other than sitting still while their teachers are explaining and talking.
According to Darryl Gregory one of the trainers said that in this methodology of using pictures to pass the messages, teachers should make their appropriate drawings depending on their environment using easy to find and cheap tools like banana fibers, papers, old sacks and bags etc.
Darryl Gregory also said that VSO has used this methodology in Uganda, Kenya and other countries and it also uses this methodology in some higher secondary schools in Rwanda and they give the desired results as the research intended it to be.
After the training, the trainees got time to practice in making some pictures they will need depending on their syllabuses.


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