Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Goats milk, a promising remedy for malnutrition

While some residents claim to have malnutrition problems due to lack of cow milk, Mukasine Tarisira confirms that goats’ milk works perfectly the same.
Tarisira Mukasine, a resident of Mareba cell, Nyarubuye sector who has for long reared modern goats narrates that she milks them and gives the milk to her family.
Although it might sound funny to some people, my children can never have malnutrition because goat’s milk is nutritious, says Mukasine.
Mukasine, who claims to get two litres of milk from her modern goats every day, gives some milk to the neighbours who have malnourished children.
Mukasine Tarisira highlights that keeping goats is beneficial to her because she gets milk and fights malnutrition in her children.
Mukasine calls upon other residents to rear modern goats that can give them milk to fight malnutrition.


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