Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Porridge could act as baby’s first food- Health experts

Many mothers here in Rwanda think that Milk is the only drink that can be given to a child who is ready to have solids and despair when they fail to get milk without knowing that they can use other cereals and crops to get porridge for the baby which is as good.
Rwanda | Porridge is as important as milk to a child
Porridge is as important as milk to a child
According to Dr. Fred Muhairwe who works in Byumba Hospital in Gicumbi district, there is a way parents can use crops that produce flour to get porridge with rich nutrients which would help children not to be malnourished because there is no milk as Porridge is also necessary for a child’s growth.
“Sometimes a person doesn’t own cows and it necessitates them to buy milk but when one is not capable of buying milk, one can get maze flour, sorghum, soya and other cereals and mix these flours and make porridge for the child.”
Dr Muhairwe went on to say that Milk is important in a child’s growth but when it is not available, a parent should not despair especially if the parent is a farmer with crops like sorghum, maize or soya. The mixture of these flours can prove to be more nutritious and help a child to grow.
Without milk, a child can be given this mixture of flours and fruits juice and a child will become healthy. Parents should be aware that porridge is as important in a child’s life.


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