Friday, 1 June 2012

Rwanda | Musaza: Kitchen gardens advance to brick made gardens

While many residents have been making kitchen gardens out of polythene papers, some have advanced methods of using bricks and cement to make good looking and durable gardens.
Emmanuel Kaburame, a resident of Mubuga cell, Musaza sector says that akarima k’igikoni is very important to residents but sometimes they get destroyed because of poor quality materials used.
Emmanuel Kaburame, who used bricks, sand and cement, asserts that his kitchen garden is like a decorative piece with different vegetable types in his home.
The most common vegetables grown in akarima k’igikoni are cabbages, greens, carrots among others.
Using bricks is beneficial in a way that bricks keep the soil cold for the better growth of the vegetables unlike using stones that keep warmth, which makes them dry if it shines.
Akarima k’igikoni became a necessity of every home because it helps in fighting malnutrition.


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