Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda : Ngoma: Climatic change causes more trouble

Following floods in Gisaya swamp, Ngoma District Administration closed Gisaya road and stopped a boat that people had started using for transportation, expert say it is due to fluctuating climate.   
Gisaya swamp that is located between Karembo and Rurenge sectors was flooded due to waters from Lake Mugesera that covered the road 2metres above the ground.
However, nothing more than waiting for water to dry could be done. Although Karembo local leadership revealed that water is going down, people are not yet allowed to use that path.
Over flooding closed Gisaya swamp route leading to over 10 students and pupils to attend classes in schools of Karembo sector, waiting for water to go down and the road to become passable again.
Students from Karembo sector were allowed to attend classes in Karembo sector schools for the time being, so that they don’t miss lessons, explains Mathias Ngenda, executive secretary for Karembo sector.
Ngenda says “We have 9year basic education schools, secondary schools like E.S Kabirizi and primary schools. After the road is cleared, students shall go back to their schools.”
When asked on whether the disaster will be fought with community work, Mathias Ngenda revealed that it is a big problem because water comes from Lake Mugesera.
“There is no way we can produce canals, so we have to wait until it dries,” Ngenda laments.
Apart from stopping students from going to school, road blockage stopped other activities like attending the market and travelling to Rwamagana.


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