Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda : KARONGI: Lake Kivu waters rise by 20centimetres

Because of much rainfall that has been in western province, water level in Lake Kivu has increased by 20 centimetres, according to reports. 
This is evidenced at how the sand at Golf hotel where people walk and play from is covered by water.
People could sit on concrete benches built in the sand near the water and have drinks but the benches are covered with the water.
Apart from people who come to swim, people wearing shoes stand in a distance because water covered sand where they could walk from.
KARONGI Lake Kivu Rwanda :  KARONGI: Lake Kivu waters rise by 20centimetres
Golf hotel beach side
However, it is very easy for swimming starters since water on the sand is very shallow at Golf Hotel.
When we talked to the people that had come to swim, they confirmed to have seen this for the first time but say they enjoy swimming in shallow waters especially for the beginners.


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