Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda : Kamonyi district collects 7% taxes more than expected

With more than one month for the economic year 2011-2012 to end, Kamonyi district has already received 107percent of the expected taxes and this was especially because of the deeds of modern buildings done in Kamonyi town.
Rwanda Kamonyi district
In the special advisory meeting for Kamonyi district that convened on the 25th.May.2012, the executive secretary of the district Emmanuel Bahizi explained the advisory council of the district that about 7% taxes more than expected has already been collected.
He explained that while analyzing the taxes they have collected on the 15th.May.2012, they found that more than Rwf456million while in preparing the 2011-2012 budget, they expected to collect Rwf427million.
Emmanuel Bahizi explained that much of this money came from the land titles and from those seeking permission to build as in this year in many parts of the town many people built nice houses according to the town master plan.
The fact that the law governing taxes was revised is also a factor in the increasing of the taxes as patent tax for the district was increased.
Another factor could be the renewing of tax payers list and many people created their own jobs due to the increase of infrastructure put near them.
Emmanuel Karuranga the president of the advisory council appreciated the step taken in taxes as it shows hard work to the concerned people for the expected amount to be got and even exceed.


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