Friday, 4 October 2013

Why it would be unwise for Urban Boyz to stick in Europe

m_Why it would be unwise for Urban Boyz to stick in Europe

Just a few days ago it was widely rumored that pop group Urban Boyz were planning never to return to the country after taking off to Belgium where they were invited for a concert at this year’s Miss Rwanda Belgium. However, crew member Safi vehemently denied the reports regarding them as way off the mark. But what exactly would be the ramifications of Urban Boyz opting for such a move?

Looking closely at the way Urban Boyz have gained popularity in the country, one would not be mistaken to label them as loved. As such what would then be their gain if they decided to pull such an unprecedented and weird move? It’s no doubt that Urban Boyz are among the few musicians who have solely survived on music. The fact they reached the final of Primus Guma Guma Super Star goes a long way in illustrating this.

In short the cons outweigh the pros should they opt for the move. Not only that, the image painted by runaway artists and footballers is not good for their upcoming counterparts. Recently, a section of Mani Martin’s band ran away in France, prompting the Ministry of Sports and Culture to take strict measures on young sportsmen and musicians who are called in Europe to represent the country in different disciplines.

However, given the solemn oath taken by Safi that the trio would jet back in the country, we should all hope that they will adhere to that promise.

Why it would be unwise for Urban Boyz to stick in Europe


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