Saturday, 12 October 2013

UN Women to stabilize and support cross borders trade

The UN Women organization with the support of the international traders in Rwanda is strategizing for ways to make the trade in Rwanda better without limitations.

Most of the people that do cross borders business in about 8 borders of Rwanda are women doing small scale trade.

This kind of trade is however not given the value it deserves according to the women traders and the UN Women findings. These women are usually mistreated as if they are doing illegal trade, sometimes their goods are confiscated and they have no laws to protect them.

m_UN Women to stabilize and support cross borders trade

Some of the security officials on borders in UN women program

The Ministry for trade and industry in Rwanda admits that if the cross borders trade is given much encouragement, the trade can improve the national economy and international relationship. 70percent of the cross borders trade is women.

According to Ezechiel Nsengiyumva Buntu The vice mayor for finance and economic development in Rubavu district where the cross borders trade is at its peak, this trade is of paramount importance to many families. “This trade is important for traders and their families and if encouraged, it would be of the same importance to the nation.”

Clara Anyangwe the deputy director of UN Women in Rwanda says this program will ensure the safety and protection of the women traders that do cross borders trade.

Anyangwe said this program will provide the traders with dignified trading rights across the borders as well as teaching people more about gender equality.

Most of the Rwandans that did this kind of trade to Goma city in the Democratic Republic of Congo stopped the trade due to abuse inflicted on them during the process of trade and transportation. Many Congolese are however still in the trade.

UN Women to stabilize and support cross borders trade


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