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The Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign has yielded a lot through in Rwanda

The Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign has yielded a lot through in Rwanda

The Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign (PGEC) which was was initiated in 2005 to motivate primary and secondary school girls to excel in their studies has yielded much since its inception according to statistics.

The campaign is spearheaded by the President of Imbuto Foundation an initiative by the First Lady Mrs. Jeannette Kagame to empower youths.

Statistics show that since 2005 over 3,000 girls have been recognised for excelling in education. Imbuto foundation is, awards secondary school scholarships to 1,000 bright students yearly; and 70% of these are girls.

Girls who excel at secondary school level also receive laptops and IT training, as one way to promote science and technology for Rwandan girls.

According to Mrs. Kagame Rwanda is inspired by progress made and promise shown by Rwandan youths whose lives have improved over the years.

The first lady said this while officially opening the ‘Ndiumunyarwanda’(am Rwandan) retreat-a two day retreat in Gabiro where 300 Rwandan leaders (Unity Club) are gathered on a day that coincides with the celebration of the International Day of the Girl child.

She said that the nation has grown stronger due to the choice of appropriate programs aimed at improving lives of youths, and that this is the proper spirit of being a Rwandan today. She also said that the leaders of today should take a lead in shining the light to the youths.

“The young ones have showed us a way forward, they have mobilized their age mates to cast off the burden of their history. It is not easy to measure the impact, but there is evidence of change from the time we initiated the Unity Club” she said, in her remarks.

Mrs. Kagame also thanked the youths for coming up with a good initiative of ‘Ndi Umunyrwanda’ (am Rwandan) which she said that it gives leaders a challenge to ensure a difference in Rwandan society.

She reiterated that the youths who have taken up this agenda of moving away from the past, have now began getting healing for the wounds; however noting that there are some painful aspects which have been evidenced during the Ndi Umunyrwanda program, especially on genocide which need to be addressed, come the 20th commemoration of genocide.

“Let us join this program (Ndi Umunyrwanda) with simplicity and without fear to speak out what is in our hearts. I am sure that the God, who trends elsewhere and returns to Rwanda, will guide us through this and we shall succeed” she suggested.

During the retreat, Bishop John Rucyahana, the Prime Minister, Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, and Unity Club Vice president, VP Dr. Monique Nsanzagabanwa made presentations on Unity and Reconciliation and the History of governance in Rwanda, respectively


The Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign has yielded a lot through in Rwanda


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