Saturday, 26 October 2013

Rwanda to produce Biogas from food garbage

Rwanda to produce Biogas from food garbage

The government of Rwanda is working on a new way to create Biogas from food remains, in a bid to provide a cooking solution that is environmental friendly. Rwanda energy industry intends to minimise the use of firewood and charcoal, in order to prevent deforestation.

Emma Francoise Isumbingabo, the State Minister for Energy in the Ministry of Infrastructure, affirms that Biogas from food remains as a solution. She made the remarks while officiating at the International celebrations for Energy that was held in Rwamagana district on Tuesday this week

The Minister said that Rwanda intends to increase the energy sources and not to rely solely on electricity.

“To deal with lack of enough energy and cooking options in Rwanda, the government is yet to initiate the biogas based on food remains,” Affirmed The Minister.

Rwanda uses 85 per cent of tree products and the government wishes to reduce this percentage to 50 per cent by 2017.

Meanwhile electricity from waterfalls, solar energy and Biogas generated from wastes are the common forms of energy Rwanda uses.

Residents at the event welcomed the initiative: “Biogas will increase on the hygiene, it’s not as messy as charcoal. The cost of firewood and charcoal is high, with biogas generated from food remains which even the poorest person has, a solution is found,”said Providance Uwingabiye, a local Resident.

Residents visited Nsinda Prison to see how Biogas operates as the government vowed to cover 50 per cent of the installation process to any resident willing to install biogas from waste and cow waste.

Rwanda to produce Biogas from food garbage


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