Friday, 11 October 2013

Rwanda Red Cross roots for self sustenance

 m_Rwanda Red Cross roots for self sustenance

Red Cross officials in the Open Day

The Rwanda Red Cross is in plans to change its strategy of operation from receiving aid to self sustenance in preparation of the 50th anniversary celebrations next year.

Rwanda Red Cross has normally been operating along the lines of supporting the government in helping vulnerable people but now plans are underway to change its strategy to help people to sustain themselves.

According to Dr Bernard Nzigiye the president of Rwanda Red Cross, it has achieved many of its objectives and has a lot more to achieve.

He said this early this week in Nyamagabe district during the open day to showcase the achievement of the organization during the 2012/2013 financial year.

This function was also a strategy to sensitize people about Red Cross operations and solicit their support so that the organization can begin to get funding from inside the country.

“We are usually sustained by the good will of the people in other countries who send us money to support vulnerable Rwandans. But it is very possible that this support can stop at anytime and yet supporting the vulnerable has to go on no matter what,” said Nzigiye.

He emphasized that it is high time for Rwandans with means to start contributing for the support of their fellow Rwandans that need the support through Red Cross.

Red Cross Rwanda also plans on constructing a commercial house in Kacyiru in Kigali City to keep supporting the poor and vulnerable Rwandans all over the country.

According to the pan, Red Cross committees in every district will contribute to the construction of this building and the committees will own shares and profits thereafter.

The mayor of Nyamagabe district Philbert Mugisha appreciated the Red Cross committee for their help to develop the district especially through supporting the vulnerable people. He promised the support to the Red Cross it its new ventures.

Being a member of Red Cross, one is required to pay a membership fee of Rwf500 annually but this money is now seen to be little compared to the activities it performs.

The membership cards will now be given to the members at different fees of between Rwf6, 500 and Rwf50, 000 and more depending on the members’ financial statuses.

Usually, 90 percent of the Red Cross budget comes from aid given by Red Cross international community.

Rwanda Red Cross roots for self sustenance


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