Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rutsiro: Teachers awarded for great initiatives

m_Teachers awarded for great initiatives

Simeon Bimenyimana was given a certificate of appreciation and a computer for his exemplary work

Two teachers in Rutsiro district have been awarded for coming up with innovative initiatives in their respective schools.

Simeon Bimenyimana a language teacher in Bushaka Secondary School emerged the best while Amiel Nduhuye Rutare, a teacher in Congo Nil School took the second position in the district.

Bimenyimana was awarded for his “Goodbye Teacher program” which aims at teaching French speaking teachers the English language and “Good evening pa and Ma” program to enhance students English through writing a daily report.

Bimenyimana also established a school magazine called ‘Youth for Brighter Future’, where students write articles and the best writers are awarded with domestic animals and scholastic materials.

He further established the Bushaka language centre, a place that hosts debates to improve the English language speaking, but was also the brain behind the introduction of “one rabbit per student”, initiative which gives rabbits to poor students. He also put in place a well implemented student monthly saving scheme.

As for Rutare, he introduced the visually impaired students teaching method where he uses super glue, paper and beans to form letters felt by fingers to read. The programme has helped the disabled students to attend class with normal children. Rutare also created an anti-abuse club, to fight all forms of abuse against students.

Bimenyimana was awarded with a laptop and a certificate of recognition from Rwanda Examination board, while Rutare got a Friesian cow from Rutsiro Teachers Union.

The duo advised teachers to be self-reliant and not to depend on salaries alone to survive and to be innovative.

Rutsiro: Teachers awarded for great initiatives


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