Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rulindo Residents Praise ‘Ubudehe’ Poverty Eradication Program

Rulindo local leaders in Ubudehe trainingRulindo residents say the Ubudehe Poverty eradication program has improved their social-economic welfare and brought development.

The government program is operating in many Rwandan districts though Rulindo embraced it in 2001.

“Ubudehe program came as a solution to the poor residents. It got them out of poverty,” said the Vice Mayor in charge of Social affairs, Emilienne Niwemwiza.

According to Niwemwiza, Ubudehe benefits include; families acquiring livestock, enhanced infrastructure, improved education and health facilities, as well as improved security, among others.

Ubudehe is facilitated by Rwanda Local Development Support Fund (RLDSF) to improve livelihoods.

RLDSF is always keen on training local leaders on their role to develop people through Ubudehe program. The program provides beneficiaries with funds to invest in small income generating projects.

Ubudehe is credited for creating employment opportunities especially in construction works.

The Ubudehe Program is part of a partnership between the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and the Ministry of Local Government, and aims at eradicating poverty among Rwandans.

Rulindo Residents Praise ‘Ubudehe’ Poverty Eradication Program


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