Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Rulindo: people with disabilities need more attention

The representatives of people with disabilities say they need advocacy to achieve most of their set goals. This was said by the people with disabilities representatives in Rulindo district on Friday the 4th Oct 2013 during their meeting to discuss the hindrances to people with disabilities and setting strategies to curb these hindrances.

people with disabilities need more attention

Among the many things the people with disabilities need advocacy; education is the most pressing issue. Lack of education due to disability is an issue that is affecting the lives of many people with disabilities in Rulindo district as well as the country in general.

Apart from education, getting the support to work on developmental and profitable ventures and projects to develop themselves and their families is another issue that needs advocacy.

Maurice Nsengiyunva the coordinator for the Council of People with disabilities in Mbogo sector says the big issue for people with disabilities in this sector is poor social welfare. “The Education for All program does not seem to include people with disabilities. They are affected by poverty, diseases, abuse among others, but the most pressing issue of all is illiteracy.”

Nsengiyunva suggests that if the education for people with disabilities can be emphasized, their lives would be improved and the government would put away its burden of continuously support people with disabilities.

This strategy would also reduce the number of people with disabilities that survive in begging for alms on the streets.

Viateur Bagwaneza the coordinator of the National Council for People with Disabilities in Rulindo district says the councils always support people with disabilities but for them to be out of their limitations once and for all, they need more advocacies.

Rulindo: people with disabilities need more attention


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