Friday, 18 October 2013

Parents urged to educate children on reproductive health

Parents urged to educate children on reproductive health

Children need to be taught about reproductive health at an early stage

Parents in the eastern district of Kirehe have been called upon to take the responsibility of educating their children about reproductive health as a way of preventing HIV/AIDS spread.

The call was made at a meeting attended by parents, social workers and Kirehe district authorities recently.

The meeting was organized by the Rwandese Association of Local Government Authorities {RALGA}.

“It’s important to educate children about the changes their bodies go through as they get to adolescence and adulthood,” advised Darius Nzabakwiza a representative from RALGA.

The same call was reiterated by Narcisse Dukuzumuremyi, head of Kirehe Health Centre who emphasized that parents ought to educate their teenage children about the dangers of having unprotected sex. He said that the dangers include unwanted pregnancies and contracting of sexually transmitted diseases.

Participants were also sensitized about family planning which is necessary because a planned for family can be well managed and catered for.

RALGA works with local authorities to fight HIV/Aids through sensitizing residents on preventative measures.

Parents urged to educate children on reproductive health


Sandy Potter said...

Very nice, I heartily appreciate this advance thought. There should be an awareness at a growing stage which is the most essential part of anybody's life.

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