Thursday, 3 October 2013

Nyanza: Prison wardens in extensive training

The prison guards have started an extensive training in Nyanza district on being professional guards to protect and maintain security in prisons.

This high level extensive training was prepared by the special body set aside for Sierra Leone and it will last for 3 weeks.

m_Prison wardens in extensive training

The prison guards posing for a photo

The 20 prison guards from all prison in the Southern Province of Rwanda started this training on this Tuesday the 1st Oct 2013. The trained prison guards will also train the remaining prison guards after the training.

Appoline Kambayire the vice mayor for social affairs in Nyanza district asked prison guards to learn and take a lot from this training that will make them professional guards. The vice mayor addressed the prison guards during the official launch of this training.

m_Prison wardens in extensive training 2

Robert Franks one of the Sierra Leone’s trainers

“The training you will receive is to upgrade you in the work you have been doing, make use of it and develop yourselves” said Kambayire to prison guards in the training.

Innocent Mbabazi is the director of Nyanza Prison that holds the prisoners from Sierra Leone on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in their countries. Mbabazi says this training was possible due to good working relationship between the Rwanda Correctional Services and the special desk for Sierra Leone in Rwanda.

Robert Franks and Foday Ishmail Kamara are some of the experts from Sierra Leone that came to train these prison guards. The training is about how to guard prisoners as well as protecting their human rights.

Nyanza: Prison wardens in extensive training


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