Friday, 4 October 2013

Nyamasheke Youth Center launches magazine

Nyamasheke Youth Center officially launched its magazine that will promote the district’s youth called “EJO HEZA H’URUBYIRUKO” through broadcasting their achievements.

According to Janvier Ndanga the coordinator of Nyamasheke Youth Center says the reason of promoting this magazine is to make known the projects done in this center to all the youth in the district.


Janvier Ndanga says Nyamasheke Youth Center works on different projects towards the youths’ development. The projects are mainly health based especially fighting against HIV/AIDS, training on health reproduction.

Other projects include training in ICT, games and entertainment and other technical skills like tailoring, welding and farming to promote youths towards development.

Due to the fact that the services provided to the youth through Nyamasheke Youth Center that are not yet available in all sectors, this magazine will create a forum for all the youth to discuss and share ideas.

This magazine will also inform the youth in faraway sectors who would want some services provided in this center to join the center. Services like trainings in technical skills will be open to all the youth and they will be influential in their development once attended.

A copy of the magazine

A copy of the magazine

This magazine will be written by good writes that has been selected by the Youth center and some youth will be doing volunteering as freelancers. The magazine will be written through the sacrifice of the youth so that youth in the district can share the same information on little costs

Samuel Niyonsenga and Pierre Ngayaboshya are some of the youth that participate in different programs of this Youth Center. They both say this magazine will help them access information from youth in different sectors as youth from all sectors will be contributing to this magazine.

“We will also get to learn about reproduction health and related issues from this magazine and we will gain the experience of writing articles for the magazines” says Niyonsenga. The youth in Nyamasheke district are being called upon to work for the success of this magazine and promote their fellow youth by writing in these magazines.

Nyamasheke Youth Center launches magazine


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