Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nyabihu district residents decry natural disasters

m_Nyabihu district residents decry natural disasters

Some of the effects of Natural disasters in the district over the years

 Landslides, land eroding, lightening, and wind are some of the many kinds of Natural Disasters that usually affect Nyabihu district especially during the rainy season. Nyabihu’s landscape is steep which makes soil erosion and landslides a common occurrence during the rainy season.

According to Jean Pierre Masengesho a resident of Mukamira sector in Nyabihu district, heavy rains usually destroy people’s property including houses and crops, which increases poverty.

Cases of death have occurred due to the disasters while many have become homeless as infrastructure is washed away.

Nyabihu district administration says they are working on new strategies to minimise the disasters. These include; Terracing and evacuating from High Risk Zones.

Jacques Niwemahoro who works in the ministry for Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) says natural disasters can be prevented.

“People should learn to harvest rain water on their houses and make trenches to avoid soil erosion. Such can be a prevention measure,” said Niwemahoro.

Alexandre Sahunkuye the vice Mayor for social affairs in Nyabihu district

 Nyabihu district authority calls upon residents to build firm foundations for houses under construction and putting ceilings in the houses for those that can afford it.

Meanwhile, Nyabihu district is currently putting much energy in the evacuation program for residents in High Risk Zones.

Nyabihu district residents decry natural disasters


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