Saturday, 5 October 2013

No more war of words with Nizzo – Alex Muyoboke

No more war of words with Nizzo – Alex Muyoboke

After a tug of war between music manager Alex Muyoboke and Nizzo of Urban Boyz, that saw all sorts of words being exchanged, it now seems like the former wants to put it all behind him. Muyoboke parted company with Urban Boyz amid much spite and acrimony, having been with them for a whole twelve months. But that didn’t end there. Once in a while either party would throw in word here and there to provoke the other and the latest twist of such events involved Muyoboke who referred to Nizzo as illiterate.

The response from the star was pretty much predictable. The volatile and controversial singer took to the media accusing Muyoboke of not knowing his league, further accusing him of making a fool of himself since he was employed by that “illiterate” person.

It was not the first time such an incident had happened and many people have been predicting similar if not far worse cases to occur. But Muyoboke, who is now working with local artist Social, wants to put that behind him as he looks to concentrate on his managerial career. He told, “Whatever happened between me and Urban Boyz is now history. Right now I want to concentrate on my projects and hopefully they will go well.” Urban Boyz are currently in Belgium where they will perform at Miss Rwanda Belgium. It’s expected that they will jet back in the country on October 10th.

No more war of words with Nizzo – Alex Muyoboke


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