Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ngororero: Residents stand against poverty

m_Residents stand against poverty

Ngororero district leaders, employees and the residents said that they will stand and continue fighting poverty which they refer to as a very bad disease.

This was said during celebrations and presentation of the different achievements reached in the fiscal year 2012/2013 which took place in Kabaya sector which sector came first in meeting the set district performance contracts in the district.

In the past years, this district came among the poorest districts in the country but this is improving a lot since most of its residents are developing now.

“Most of the district residents are getting away from the stage of the most vulnerable people and here this district has been able to meet set performance contracts from 65% to 95%”, said the district mayor Gedeon Ruboneza.

“This is why we are grateful and celebrating since our district is quickly getting out of poverty”, added the mayor.

The Minister of Sports and Culture Protais Mitari who was the guest of honor also appreciated the different people who participated in such development but most especially the district partners.

Mitari again said that this district leaders use well the fund given to them by the President and this is why this district was developing rapidly.

He advised them not to stop working hard but fight more to even reach 100% in meeting the district set performance contracts.

The Western Province Governor representative Jessica Mbabazi also requested people in charge of meeting such set contracts which contracts are meant to give out jobs that this should be done putting the district residents in their minds.

The celebrations were graced by the dancing group Orchestre Bugoyi and people here shared production got this year with their leaders

Police officials, Army officials among other people were all present during these celebrations.

Ngororero: Residents stand against poverty


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