Monday, 14 October 2013

Mo Ibrahim Index Lavishes Praise On Rwanda Governance

Rwanda has recorded the ‘best progress’ since the year 2000 – making it the “most successful” among all the post-conflict countries, says the 2013 Ibrahim Index on Africa Governance.

At the release of the usually much awaited annual index in London today, data from the various indicators analyzed show that Rwanda is also ‘only country with year on year improvement’. The Mo Ibrahim index is brainchild of Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim, and looks at different governance aspects.


The index reviews aspects like safety and rule of law; participation and human rights; sustainable economic opportunity; as well as human development.

Speaking at the event, Mr Ibrahim said “Rwanda is one of the great success stories”. Other countries that have recorded significant changes include Liberia, Sierra Leone and Angola.

Meanwhile, at the same event, there was supposed to be the naming of the recipient of a $5m cash prize. 2013, for third year in a row, there is no Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership awarded.


Rwanda was at 57.9% and has improved more than 4 points in 6 years. Uganda came in at 56%, while Tanzania scored 56.9%. Kenya earned 53.6%, as Burundi lagged behind all its East African Community (EAC) partners at 43.8%.
rom the overall rankings, Rwanda emerged top in the EAC region, and 15th on the continent among the 52 countries covered, from the total 54 nations.

As expected, Mauritius, Botswana and Cape Verde were the top countries on the continent respectively. Meanwhile, Somalia and DRC were at the bottom – suggesting they are the worst governed countries.

“We should not rush into thinking that improvement will happen instantly. Don’t forget it took China 40 years to get where it is now,” said Mr Ibrahim at the event.

Mo Ibrahim Index Lavishes Praise On Rwanda Governance


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