Friday, 4 October 2013

Kina Music set for dominance in music production for a while

m_Kina Music set for dominance in music production for a while

Kina Music boss Ishimwe Clement

That Kina music and The Super Level are the two best music studios right now is not a disputable fact. Rather it has come down to who is the better between the two. Arguably, the two music houses have set the standards so high that every musician, both upcoming and already established, dreams of recording their songs in either of the two. But exactly who has the upper hand as far as status and quality production is concerned?

A few comparisons here can be drawn which will understandably compel one to believe that Kina Music has for obvious reasons, has the upper hand. Well, it’s the stability that it has established over the years that makes it a force in music recording. In support of this argument, just recently we saw a host of stars that include Jay Polly, Dream Boyz and Tom Close sign long-term contracts with Kina, a fact that goes on to attest how much even these stars respect that label house.

While Kina Music and its management are doing what they should be doing, things aren’t pretty good for The Super Level. The label which many saw as a serious competitor to Kina Music immediately started to be overshadowed by endless internal wrangles that have dominated their achievements. First it was producer Junior who quit before the studio decided to fire their reputable manager Alex Muyoboke, who was simultaneously managing the Urban Boyz at the time.

Even though there still is time for the management to put their house in order, I would predict a dominance of Kina Music for a couple of years to come.

Kina Music set for dominance in music production for a while


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