Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kigeme refugees sensitized on family planning

Kigeme refugees sensitized

The Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs Seraphine Mukantabana has urged refugees in Kigeme camp to use family planning methods to prevent the surging numbers of people being experienced in the camp.

This was after refugees in this camp raised concern of being over population and their increasing numbers.

According to a recent statement from the ministry, refugees were reminded that Rwanda will help them despite being a small country, but they should take the initiative.

“Rwanda is small and we cannot get a bigger place to put you. We therefore request you to be patient with us”, said Minister Mukantabana.

She called on refugees to participate in various government programme but most especially family planning which has been brought close to them to prevent overpopulation.

Kigeme camp is built on 34 hectares of land with a population of about 11, 000 people in about 3, 500 houses where one house is about 3-4 meters.

“This is such a small space which is why we need you to practice family planning to avoid big families,” said Mukantabana.

Kigeme refugees sensitized on family planning


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