Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kamonyi: Motorcyclist cooperatives promise to improve customer care

m_Motorcyclist cooperatives promise to improve customer care

In the bid to improve customer care, COCTAMOKA and SOTRAMORWA transport cooperatives operating in the Southern district of Kamonyi have come to terms and put in place laws that govern their members.

This comes after the two transport companies failed to agree on how to punish motorcyclists who disregard traffic and code of ethics.

The meeting that took place over the weekend in Kamonyi district attracted the District Police Commander, senior superintendent Francis Muheto among others.

During the meeting, Muheto advised motorcyclists to cooperate and do their work smoothly since it’s their source of income.

The two cooperatives agreed that simple mistakes like failure to attend cooperative meetings will be punishable per internal regulations.

However, blunders like not wearing the helmet, working without identifications, parking in wrong places and failure to put on uniform will be handled by the police.

Another problem cited during the meeting included motorcyclists who operate without permits.

Reacting on the problem, the District Police Commander advised them to work with the police and report such people in order to tighten security of the motorcyclists and passengers.

Kamonyi: Motorcyclist cooperatives promise to improve customer care


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