Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kamichi: My third album in pipeline

My third album in pipeline

Kamichi works up the crowd at a concert

Despite his failed bid to successfully launch his second album entitled Ubumuntu, afro beat singer Kamichi has embarked on a plan to put the agony behind him and launch his third album which he says will be entitled Mudakumirwa.

Although sketchy details were revealed by the star regarding the album, Kamichi believes it will be one of the most “explosive” album launches ever to grace Kigali.

Speaking to a celebrity show dubbed Ten Super Star on Radio10, Kamichi said, “It will be my third album and I am calling upon my fans to come in great numbers to support me.” Asked what special thing he was planning for his fans, Kamichi declined to disclose further information, only saying that those in attendance will get to see that.

Indeed he will hope that a repeat of last year’s feat is totally avoided after his Ubumuntu album launch was cancelled at the eleventh hour when the Ministry of Sports and Culture rescinded its decision to allocate him Petit Stade where the launch was supposed to take place.

The launch was postponed on numerous occasions after that, but finally Kamichi called it quits and instead opted for a tour that went by the same name as his album.


Kamichi: My third album in pipeline


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