Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kamichi advises artistes to re-invest in the local music sector

Kamichi advises artistes to re-invest in the local music sector

Afro-beat singer kamichi

Local Afro beat singer Kamichi real name Adolf Bagabo urged musicians to stop paying lots of cash on foreign producers and aim at strengthening music industry through promoting local producer’s talents.

The Imitoma Ireze singer disclosed the information to Rwandashow.com while explaining challenges facing music industry.

“Artistes should re-invest money acquired from Rwandese to into the local music sector to grow instead of spending it outside the country” says Kamichi.

He added that there is nothing producer Washington does that can’t be done by the local producers like Piano.

Most established musicians started crossing borders to record songs with Producer Washington in early 2011.

Earlier artistes used to record with producer Lick Lick, who relocated to USA in 2011 paving way for Uganda’s finest producer Washington.

Washington has produced songs for musicians like Kamichi, Riderman, Urban Boys, Dream Boys and Maconikoshwa.

According to Kamichi all the artistes that work with Washington spend not less than 1000 USD without accommodation yet all that money is made from Rwanda.

Rwanda boosts of many producers like Piano, Jay P, Ballick, Ma Riva and many others that charge 50,000-300,000 Rwf per song.

However musicians like Allion claimed that Rwandan producers don’t respect time and some of them produce poor quality music which leads to musicians crossing borders to work with Washington.

Producer Washington has produced songs for East Africa’s BET nominees Radio and Weasel.

Singer Kamichi boasts of songs like Byacitse, Aho ruzingiye, Imitoma and many others featuring local artists.

Kamichi advises artistes to re-invest in the local music sector


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