Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jay-C dismisses rift with fellow rapper Pacson

Jay-C dismisses rift with fellow rapper Pacson

Rapper Jay C has dimissed allegations he has developed “beef” towards his fellow rapper Pacson for allegedly mentioning him in his new track called Isugi. Jay C is heard referring to other numerous artists that include Kamichi, Senderi, Green P and Fireman, but what caught the attention of the media is the fact he mentions Pacson who he has never enjoyed a good relationship with.

Pacson is known to have had not so good relations with many musicians that include Riderman and Neg G, not forgetting Jay C. But the latter insists he only mentioned Pacson in the song because he is popular and as such, the song would gain fame in turn.

“I have no personal quarrel with Pacson,” said Jay C. “My track Isugi was done to refer to today’s girls who adamantly refuse to accept they are no longer chaste and go out instead and lie to their future husbands that they are still virgins. I mentioned a host of star names like Pacson because he’s popular and he’s definitely a star,” he continued.

Isugi, which translates to Virgin, is Jay C’s newest song in which he features Primus Guma Guma Super Star contestant Bulldog. Its video is yet to premier, but Jay C says it won’t be long before it is on the screens

source: http://www.tukabyine.com/artists/5763/jay-c-dismisses-rift-with-fellow-rapper-pacson/

Jay-C dismisses rift with fellow rapper Pacson


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