Sunday, 13 October 2013

Huye: Rhénanie Palatinat Province representatives from Germany visit the disabled children center

A team for representatives of people with disabilities from Rhénanie Palatinat Province in Germany is on a visit to children in the center for the deaf and Mute in Ngoma sector in Huye district. This team from Germany came on this Wednesday 9th October 2013.


After reaching in Ngoma center for mute and deaf children, this team moved around the center and learnt of the problems faced by the children even their teachers.

Some of the limitations to the happiness of the deaf and mute children in this center include lack of communication with their parents and close family members who do not know of signs language.

The teachers however are usually affected by failure to communication by new children who have not yet mastered the sign language. Most of the teachers would require extensive training to be well aware of how to serve these children.

Mathias Rösch the commissioner for people with disabilities in Rhénanie Palatinat Province and the coordinator of the visiting team says the aim of this visit is to promote the relationship of people with disabilities in both countries.

Mathias Rösch explained saying; “We are here with representatives from different associations of people with disabilities and experts in schools on helping children with disabilities. We want to improve the relationship of the concerned people and make sure the human rights of people with disabilities are respected in both countries.”

This visit from people with disabilities of Rhénanie Palatinat Province was of much help to Ngoma center for mute and deaf children who will also gain a lot from this established relationship.

Frère Alexis Hitayezu the Director of this center says “such a relationship is of much help to us, it makes us aware of what happens to the same people in the different parts of the world. We can learn from their experience.”

Huye: Rhénanie Palatinat Province representatives from Germany visit the disabled children center


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