Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bugesera opens One Stop Center for sexual violence victims

ADEPR Nyamata hospital in Bugesera district officially opened a One Stop Center that will take care of rape victims.

This center will work to reduce the hefty problems caused by rapes that were attended to by Health centers without the capacities to solve.

Bugesera opens One Stop Center for sexual violence victims

Initially, people who were raped would be attended by the rape services in Bugesera Hospital. This rape services however do not have enough trained personnel or the equipment to deal with rape issues as Philippe Kayibanda the director of Kamabuye Health Center explains.

“the nurses in health centers had no skills to take care of rape issues but now with this One Stop Center, all rape victims in the district will be given all desired services” Kayibanda says.

The mayor of Bugesera district Louis Rwagaju says “this one stop center will help us in the fight against Gender Based violence/abuse. It will have experienced doctors and police officers that will follow up on the rape case immediately.”

Caroline Mukasine who works in the ministry of health in the services for rape victims department says such a center will be so productive in supporting people. “People will be aware of these services, seek them and be helped by them.”

This center will provide many services in a bundle; people will receive medical treatment and police services to track down the culprit in the quickest time possible as well as daily life maintenance of the victim followed up.

According to the statistics presented by Isange One Stop Center that operates in the National Police of Rwanda, in 2010 the center received 1350 rape victims and the majority were women and children.

According to the research done in Bugesera district up to September 2013, 122 people under 18 years of are victims of rape.


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Bugesera opens One Stop Center for sexual violence victims


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