Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bamboos grown alongside Lake Sake for environmental protection

As a protective measure for Lake Sake from soil erosion and other environmental hazards, bamboos trees have been planted on the banks of the Lake.

Bamboos on the length of 45 Kilometers along the banks of Lake Sake were planted during a special Community Work of the 3rd Sept 2013 by residents of Jarama nod Sake sectors.

 Bamboos grown alongside Lake Sake for environmental protection

Residents crossing Lake Sake

Though Bamboos trees can be productive in many other ways like making furniture among others, residents of these 2 sectors vow to protect these trees and protect the lake.

The Minister for Land, Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Stanislas Kamanzi participated in the growing of these bamboos trees. The Minister had joined the local people on the Thursday in a special community work to plant trees on the banks of Save Lake.

“With the protection of the banks of the Lake, these Bamboos trees can be used for other purposes and productively. We can erect factories that prepare the products of these trees” said the Minister in MINIRENA.

For George Mupenzi the vice mayor for finance and economic development who had joined in the Special Community Work, planting bamboos is going to be promoted even to other lakes. The program will also encourage local people to plant these trees for financial purposes.

There is a policy for all lakes in Rwanda to have Bamboos trees on the banks, this policy will conserve environment as well as satisfy people’s economic needs.

Bamboos grown alongside Lake Sake for environmental protection


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