Friday, 30 August 2013

Technical education the solution to unemployment

Rwandan youth whether educated or not are all facing the unemployment problem and the solution to majority of the youth would be learning technical skills to be job creators not job seekers

 Technical education the solution to unemployment

This was said by Marie Alice Uwera the vice mayor for social affairs in Kamonyi district during her visit to the CPJSP Youth Center in Rukoma sector. This was during the youth training on fighting poverty provided by this Youth Center.

The vice mayor appreciated parents who put in place this Youth Center to train school dropouts and Secondary School leavers on technical skills for them to compete on the employment market.

“There is a problem of unemployment in most of the graduating youth; we need job creators and not job seekers. Unfortunately, people who are trained for this challenge are still few.”


CPJSP (Promotion Center for Youth against Poverty) was initiated by the association of parents that pray in Presbyterian Church of Rwanda. The center teaches youth different technical skills like tailoring, carpentry, construction and hair styling among others.

Pierre Mbanda the coordinator of this youth center says parents decided on making this center as a response to the unemployment issue in the youth.

The executive secretary of the National Youth Council Alphonse Nkuranga says “initiating this center was a great act that will help most youth to stand tall and use their hands to development.”

Nkuranga says this center should now work on following the curriculum provided at the national level for its graduates to get authentic certificates and be able to work and compete like all Rwandans.

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Technical education the solution to unemployment


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