Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ngororero parents to participate in Teachers’ Quarters construction

Parents in Ngororero district are being asked to keep supporting the project of building teachers’ quarters for 9 & 12 Year Basic Years educators. Building teachers quarters is being promoted to provide stability of teachers and promote the education of these schools.

The teachers’ quarters in Muhororo sector

The teachers’ quarters in Muhororo sector

This program is also the government education policy. The program intends to provide teachers with homes near their work and stability for the educators to give the desired attention to education. This will promote the quality of education in schools with teachers having enough time to prepare for studies instead of moving to and from schools.

This program will provide better social welfare and stability in the work of the teachers. They will be having access to basic infrastructures like electricity, water, medical services among other things and they in turn will concentrate on providing quality education.

The parents and local people usually participate in such ventures by getting involved physically. They do work like prepare the construction sites and supporting the constructing engineers.

The executive secretary of Muhororo sector where teachers’ quarters are being built at Kanogo Secondary School says parents should participate in providing construction materials.

Ngororero parents to participate in Teachers’ Quarters construction


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