Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz

American female singer Beyonce Knowles and her group The Destiny’s Child once sang about being “bootylicious”, a vocabulary that was invented to mean being amply gifted with a more than enough backside. But the notorious girl may not have had the slightest clue that soon the term would spread all over the world like a bush on fire. So without further ado, looks at our own bootylicious babes.

Butera Knowless

m_Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz

Just like her idol Beyonce, Knowless is known to have an amplified backside that makes her not only sexy but popular as well. As if that is not enough, the diva knows to make good use of it and successfully.


m_Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz2

This controversial female musician always causes a whip whenever she makes her way to stage. At a party dubbed Facebook party last year, Fearless came dressed as casually as she could be, only later to strip to almost nothing.


m_Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz3

The songbird is amply gifted with her backside that she will do anything to catch all the attention she needs. Jody is also vocally gifted, which gives her an edge over her female rivals.


m_Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz4

Who else would top our list apart from her? Alioni has and will always be among the sexiest female musicians, because of her physical beauty and most importantly, her exaggerated backside. She always dominates gala nights whenever she is among the list of performers, mainly because of this natural feature.

Bootylicous babes in Rwandan showbiz


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