Saturday, 24 August 2013

Nyabihu: VUP Umurenge Program reduces number of poor families

Through the proper implication of the poverty eradication strategies in Nyabihu district, the very poor families have reduced from 2,461 to 821 by 2012.

This was said by Jean Bosco Vumera the officer in charge of social affairs in Nyabihu district.

VUP Umurenge Program reduces number of poor families

In the most sectors where the VUP Umurenge Program operates, people are employed to do general work that develop their society (public works) as well as make a living. This program has changed the lives of many that removed some from the very poorest and vulnerable social stratification class to the poor but supported class.

Through VUP Umurenge Program, 2501 families were given the beneficiary support fund worth Rwf154 million. For the poor to be able to get out of poverty, productive projects were made.

About 36 projects including the crop and animal farming and trading projects were given financial support of Rwf54 million to be realized. “These projects are up and running, their members have started to get profits and can already pay for their medical insurance” says Vumera.

Apart from the financially supported projects, 87 poor families of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis survivors were given beneficiary support fund worth Rwf7.8 million with each family getting Rwf90.000 a year.

In sectors of Bigogwe, Shyira, Rurembo and Jomba, VUP Umurenge provided work to 3204 people and paid them about Rwf129 million. VUP Program operates in 5 sectors of Nyabihu district with recent operating in Kintobo sector.


Nyabihu: VUP Umurenge Program reduces number of poor families


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