Saturday, 24 August 2013

Goethe Institute’s monthly debate comes alive again

Goethe Institute

As the best debaters come to lock horns in Goethe’s monthly debates, emotions are running high as to who will be crowned winner on Saturday 24th August 2013. Debate teams from about twenty secondary schools have participated in a two-week training and improved their dialectical skills using logic and words to prove their point.

The summit organized by Idebate Rwanda, Embassy of United Sates in Kigali and Goethe Institute is a benchmark set to prepare young students on the skills of debating, defending one’s position to produce an exquisite and fine art of debating in public.

It also gives students across the country an opportunity to learn the strategies, technique and approaches to become more effective advocates. The debate shall take place IFAK Kimihurura from 6.00pm. Entrance will be free.


Goethe Institute’s monthly debate comes alive again


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