Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rumor: Muyoboke to set up label house

Muyoboke to set up label house

Unconfirmed reports indicate that prominent music manager Alex Muyoboke might be pondering setting up a label house, where he will look to manage many musicians at the same time. After being disappointed by all musicians he has worked on, it is believed the family is about to change his ways altogether. The label which will incorporate more than one musician may come as a solution to Muyoboke, who will no longer depend on one specific musician.

Muyoboke was this year dismissed by Urban Boyz, whom he had only worked with for twelve months, and had guided to insurmountable success. The trio won three accolades at Salax Awards 2013, scooping the Best male artist, Best Group, Album of the year and Song of the year. It is largely mooted that trouble began when they were nominated in Primus Guma Guma Super Star, when they were handed a five hundred thousand Rwandan francs cheque.

“When I tried to call Humble Gizzo, he refused to pick my phone several times. After that we sat together and they told me they had decided to fire me,” said Muyoboke at the time. With such disappointments looking largely imminent, Muyoboke now wants to find a long lasting solution, and that is incorporating and managing as many musicians as possible.


Rumor: Muyoboke to set up label house


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