Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rutsiro: AVEGA members in self rebuilding

Members of the Association for Genocide Widows (AVEGA) in Rutsiro district says the steps they have taken are much better than where they started. They started with tears and sadness but now they are a team working to get to development.

AVEGA members in self rebuilding

AVEGA members in the general assembly

This was discussed in the AVEGA General Assembly that convened on the 21st.Aug.2013 in Rutstiro district. The assembly was to discuss the AVEGA achievements, the steps taken and set the vision of the association.

Eugenie Nyinawabega the coordinator of AVEGA in Rutsiro district says she grateful for the strength women have shown in their journey, 19 years after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis that destroyed their dreams and their families.

In Rutsiro district AVEGA operates in 8 sectors with 156 members. These members are in different teams depending on the sectors of residence and work on many projects for their development.

The AVEGA members in Musasa are thriving in Pineapple growing project, for AVEGA Members in Gihango sector are into changing clothes and making soaps projects. Projects like collecting money to but livestock for members are also developing the AVEGA members.

Though AVEGA members are working towards their development, they are still limited by unfinished cases that have been ruled out. They also need to be trained on how financial services, how to work with financial institutions, get credits and use them productively.

“The program that is being encouraged in AVEGA is to encourage and teach its members how to develop without waiting for financial support. This is why they are in teams that are carrying out productive projects” explains Jean Pierre Musirimu the coordinator of AVEGA projects in the Western Province of Rwanda.

The executive secretary of Rutsiro district Thomas Murenzi asked AVEGA Members who have land and other legal issues to be a little patient for their will be compensated soon.

Musirimu thanked Rutsiro district for providing accommodation to the 156 AVEGA members who were in need of it.

Source : http://www.womenhall.com/index.php/2013/08/rutsiro-avega-members-in-self-rebuilding/

Rutsiro: AVEGA members in self rebuilding


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