Friday, 23 August 2013

Nyabihu provides safe accommodation for poor genocide survivors

About 31 vulnerable survivors of Tutsi genocide in Nyabihu District have been given accommodation to ensure better social welfare, according to Jean Bosco Vumera the vice mayor for social affairs in the District.

Nyabihu provides safe accommodation

Jean Bosco Vumera (Vice Mayor)

The 31 houses were constructed in the recent completed economic year 2012/2013 to ensure the genocide survivors good accommodation helping them achieve self reliance.

These houses were constructed in different sectors with poor 1994 genocide survivors. “These houses were completed and in good conditions. They are occupied by the families they were intended for” says Jean Bosco Vumera.

Concerning the issue of the houses for the genocide survivors that need to be renovated, Vumera says the association for genocide survivors FARG has already made a 5 years contract with the reserved forces locally Inkeragutabara to renovate all the houses in poor situations in all the districts of the country.

Vumera says Nyabihu district is preparing to make the contract with the Inkeragutabara forces to renovate the houses in ramshackle state in the district.

According to Anastase Juru the coordinator of Ibuka in Nyabihu district says the well being of the 1994 genocide survivors especially the poor and vulnerable is getting better with time with the government support.

“Moving along with this year’s commemoration theme, the genocide survivors are becoming more and more self reliant and striving for a better future” says Juru.

Apart from supporting the poor and vulnerable genocide survivors, 28 families of the Historically Marginalized group of people were given accommodation.

This is part of the district’s as well as government’s program to develop all the people while eradicating poverty, ensuring self sustainability and good governance to all Rwandans in general.

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Nyabihu provides safe accommodation for poor genocide survivors


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