Thursday, 29 August 2013

PGGSS under spotlight –again

PGGSS under spotlight –againIf there ever was a competition that has withstood the test of criticism it must be Primus Guma Guma Super Star. Undoubtedly the country’s biggest talent search competition, PGGSS has in its three seasons endured both the best and worst moments. Time and again critics have argued that the competition has failed to live to its expectations. They continue to argue that there is no need of promoting a person who is already a star whereas there is enormous talent that is being wasted.

 A close look at the above arguments, one would be inclined to believe so. Firstly, talent search and popularity should sprout from underground, unknown musicians. In that respect the competition should have concentrated on young untapped talent that is so littered everywhere in the country instead of going for finished products. Examples of Britain’s got talent would surface into people’s minds in that regard.

Secondly, there is the issue of publicity. Going by the way PGGSS is highly publicized, it would not be preposterous to mention that its ultimate aim is to popularize its famous Primus beer. That is no wrong at all. But if that is the ultimate aim – as it is usually portrayed- then this would be a reversed- priorities scenario. Organizers of PGGSS need to look into underlying issues that have hit this competition negatively and look to correct them. As one famous radio presenter once yelled, “There can’t be another edition if the ever eccentricities that mar this competition are not correctly and properly addressed.”

PGGSS under spotlight –again


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