Friday, 23 August 2013

Nyamagabe: Rwanda to maintain clean water in Cyanika sector

Residents of Birambo, Munyinya and Gasharu villages in Cyanika sector of Nyamagabe district are grateful to the district’s partners in development for providing them with clean water. People in this area walked long distances to get to water that was not even clean.

 m_Rwanda to maintain clean water in Cyanika sector

Villagers in the function to inaugurate BIOCOOP Rwanda

“we used to fetch water from a long distance which was hectic especially to pregnant women passing through hills carrying jerry cans of water but now with clean water in the vicinity, it is a dream come true” says Marie Louise Tugirumukiza a resident of Birambo village.

Though people have access to clean water, a cooperative to protect the environment BIOCOOP Rwanda was introduced in this area to keep maintaining this water as well as hygiene and sanitation of people.

In the function to officially inaugurate BIOCOOP Rwanda in Cyanika sector on this Wednesday the 21st.Aug.013, Ange Imanishimwe the coordinator for this cooperative said they will emphasis hygiene and sanitation in people and protect infrastructure through sensitization program.

Ndayishimiye Samuel the representative of Good Neighbors project that will be financially supporting BIOCOOP Rwanda says people in this sector need to be sensitized about maintaining water source for their health.

“Committees that protect environment and infrastructure in villages should always sensitize the local people who have the water to protect the source so that the whole project won’t be in vain and to be used productively” he said.

Apart from maintain hygiene, sanitation and infrastructure, BIOCOOP Rwanda will also support other projects like crop and animal farming, bee keeping, fighting malnutrition among others.

The South Korean project supplied Water in Birambo, Gasharu and Munyinya villages through the funding to PAM. This project was coordinated by Good Neighbors with the support of Unity Club.


Nyamagabe: Rwanda to maintain clean water in Cyanika sector


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