Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rwanda : Rwandans urged to use financial institutions

The Rwandan government would wish its entire people to use financial institutions as a way of achieving tremendous development.
The National Bank of Rwanda hopes 80 per cent of Rwandans will be able to access services from banks and other financial institutions by 2017.
The National Bank of Rwanda representative in Rusizi district Johnson Mirindi revealed that the percentage of Rwandans using bank services is at 21 per cent which is very low.
Johnson Mirindi said banks and other financial institutions are simplifying the means of accessing their services as a way of motivating Rwandans reaches them and make use of their services.
The issue of long queues in banks when depositing or with drawing have been solved ever since Auto mated teller machines was introduced and the introduction of credit cards will soon be implemented where people will not need to carry large sums of money for shopping.
In a move to encourage Rwandans embrace the use of banks and other financial institutions, each sector in Rwanda consists of a financial institution referred to as Sacco.


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