Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Karongi: ZIPP clients stuck as service provider closes down

The clients of ZIPP a bank service withdrawal and depositing in Karongi district are in dilemma after the service provider closed down for unknown reasons.  
ZIPP offices at peace house
ZIPP offices at peace house
The sudden stop of ZIPP services has affected many people in the district as they had gotten used to it.
You would find a big crowd of people at Peace house in Kibuye town where ZIPP offices were all depositing and withdrawing the money.
It has been over a week now people who use ZIPP visiting the offices at Peace house in need of ZIPP services only to be told that there is a small problem that will soon be sorted.
Many people who need to use the money that was deposited are now stranded as they cannot find anywhere to withdraw their money.
People who cannot afford to travel to Kigali where they can access ZIPP services at the offices of Bank of Kigali which provides the services of ZIPP services are stuck since the Bank of Kigali in Karongi have not yet installed an auto mated machine (ATM).


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